Sunday, March 13, 2011


Gas has gone up nearly fifty cents in a month here. Most recent price for regular was 3.869 with a three cent a gallon Safeway member discount. My current mileage in the Prius is in the mid 40’s which is OK for winter, and the fact that my trip length is very low now that I no longer have to drive to work. Last tank or so, I did a few longer trips and the mileage was back into the high 40 to low 50 range, still good for a car that is nearing seven years old- and a hybrid at that. I still would rather drive this Prius than most any other car out there. Well, maybe the new 2010 Prius or the new Chevy Volt.

Our solar panels are still putting out OK. This last year we had major higher daily use of electricity than in other years, but we are still under $100.00 for the year. Not too bad considering we have not been able to conserve as much as in previous years.

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