Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept Billing Period

Sept 2009 we used 92 KWh for credit of $9.19, bringing our total for the billing year beginning June 2009 to 205 KWh used, and $71.46 (credit). Last year in Sept we had $8.39 in credit with a use of 83 KWh, a total of 278 KWh used and $36.16 (credit).

Our yearly use for 2009 seems to be lower by 73 KWh, even with the addition of our pond pump running daily. Our credit for the year starting in June is running $35.30 above last year’s total through this Sept.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

update Nearing 15,000 KWhs Produced

It happend a bit sooner than I expected. We are now at 15,148 KWh produced. If we had the correct orientation all along I wonder what our total would have been now? I could figure it out, but it would not change anything.