Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Unscheduled Solar panel maintenance

Actually, there is so little maintenance for these things. You may think though that you can just set up and let it go forever. That may be true, but you should check thigs out from time to time.

Here, in a quick check earlier today I realized that a tree branch had grown out over one section of the panels since I had looked a bit ago. It was shading the panels form around noon on. True, it was only a small portion of our total panel area, but that can add up to a big problem over the long haul. These things are wired in series, so a small area of shade can degrade production of the entire system.

I cut a few branches, and our output went from around 1100 watts to 1400 watts, and higher. That difference can add up to more than an extra kilowatt hour over the days production.