Saturday, March 13, 2010

True up Bill Final after being moved up a couple of months

Remember I mentioned the California legislation changing how surplus power would be compensated in the future? Part of that bill also allows you to adjust when your “true-up” period starts. Since our was in June, and after the rate changes for summer, we decided to adjust it forward so all of our current production would be for the current year instead of having a couple of months be for the previous year.

So, that has happened, and the results for the period from June 2009 to March 2010 are in. We had 1916 KWh in use for the period, and a total true up amount of $7.38. Add that to the total monthly billed taxes and other charges not related to electricity use, and our bill for the 10 month period was $60.98. So, including all taxes and other monthly set fees, our cost for the 10 months was 3 cents per KWh.

Now, we start again. . .