Saturday, January 30, 2010

California Bill to change the way power companies compensate net energy producers- AB 920- Huffman- Solar and Wind Generation

It appears that the new law would require net energy producers to be compensated for that production. In my case that would mean PG and E would have to provide compensation for my net production at the time of my yearly “true-up”. Currently, if I have surplus production at year end true up time, it is zeroed out before the new billing cycle starts.

Quote from

“The bill would require the electric utility to
offer a standard contract or tariff to eligible customer-generators
that includes compensation for the value of net surplus electricity.
The bill would require the electric utility, upon an affirmative
election by the eligible customer-generator to receive service
pursuant to this contract or tariff, to either: (1) provide net
surplus electricity compensation for any net surplus electricity
generated in the 12-month period, or (2) allow the eligible
customer-generator to apply the net surplus electricity as a credit
for kilowatt hours subsequently supplied by the electric utility to
the surplus customer-generator.“

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