Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cooler June in progress- And a Prius mention

I guess this has its trade-offs. On the one hand, we are not making as much power on the partly cloudy days we have had the last week or so. But, it is staying cooler and there is not as much need to run the AC. We seldom run it much anyway, so all in all, I would rather make more electricity.

And, I see that some Toyota dealers are starting to get the 2010 Prius in: not mine, but that is OK. I would like to see one close up since this model includes some body changes and a more luxurious car-like interior. I am somewhat bummed that I cannot get one. I purchased the first Prius in my town in 2001, and the first one that was sold of the new body type 2004. Oh well. It is the economy. Maybe someday.

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