Monday, May 4, 2009

Here comes the sun- Not

Well, as of the first of the month, we are back on the prime time schedule for rate E7. So, after noon and prior to 6 PM, we should be making extra credit at the higher rate mentioned before. If only it was true. It is not sunny at all here, and has not been since the start of the month. I know we need rain, but the little amount we are now getting is not really going to help anyone- and it is hurting us. Beware those who want to go the way of trying to be more green. Things like this- or mileage decreasing on many short trips, etc, did not used to matter to me. Now, I worry about losing any ground to the weather, or to the tires being wrong, or to other things I may not have thought of yet. We need rain, but the time for that is past. Let there be SUN!

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