Thursday, April 16, 2009

Solar update

Last billing month we had shut down the pond pump to run only 12 hours a day, and this month that is reflected in our new lower charge for electricity, as expected. For March, our unbilled charge was $43.70. For April, it had dropped to $15.16. That is just about $6 more than the previous year, but it is not good enough for us. We already dropped the run-time to 6 hours a day, and so far that is still keeping the water clear enough. But, the damage has been done to this year’s stats. We are already over $100.00 for the year, with one more month to go in the billing year. Last year at this point, we were at $75 total for the year. For the year, our total energy use is 2,305 Kilowatt hours, or about $.0437 per kilowatt hour. That is still pretty good since our base rate for residential use in this area is around $.15 per kilowatt hour.

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